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Mark Milburn started diving late in life, at the age of 36 he did his PADI Open Water course. It wasn’t long before he got the bug. Now running his own dive centre, Atlantic Scuba, at Mabe near Falmouth in Cornwall, where Mark completes most of his 300-400 dives a year. As Mark says “it’s a mixture of teaching, commercial and fun dives, that gives me a healthy amount of underwater time each year”.6 Articles

Deptherapy and Deptherapy Education is an English charity since 2014 that aims to rehabilitate seriously injured UK Armed Services Personnel who have suffered life changing mental or physical injuries, through the medium of scuba diving. The charity also provides education in adaptive scuba diving techniques to dive professionals.6 Articles

I first started underwater photography in 2003 with a Nikinos V film camera. In 2004 I went digital and started using compact cameras in housings. In 2011 having had enough of life sitting behind a desk I became a scuba instructor and housed my DSLR and trained and started working as an underwater videographer, eventually running my own business in Thailand. After smashing my head in on a motorbike without a helmet - please wear a helmet, you never know when a drugged up idiot will come around the corner on the wrong side of the road - I had a brief sojourn into working as an underwater photographer in the Canaries, before returning to the business in Thailand filming and teaching videography. I am currently having a break from the water caring fro my Mum in Northumbria, where I don't get in the water quite as often, but it does give me time to share a bit of what I've learned in over 1,000 dives with cameras in my hands.4 Articles

My name is Mhairi Docherty and I was selected as a Miss Scuba United Kingdom 2016 finalist. I am part of an amazing programme which promotes "saving our oceans through beauty" where we raise awareness for marine conservation and also raise the profile of woman scuba divers in promoting safe diving practices internationally. Miss Scuba United Kingdom is a sponsor of Deptherapy - an English based charity involved in the rehabilitation of injured soldiers with mental and physical injuries, through the medium of scuba diving. I am raising awareness of this charity as I feel it does not get enough recognition for the amazing work that this charity does for people with life changing injuries. Watch on YouTube at: Articles

My name is Maarten, I am a marine biologist, dive instructor, and biology teacher. I come from Belgium, but have been traveling the world as a dive instructor and marine biology researcher for nearly 10 years. From a very young age I have been fascinated by the ocean and the creatures that live in it. During my dive travels I developed a passion for the small, camouflaged, or outright weird critters that can be found below the surface. I currently live in Australia, where I do research on the species important for muck diving, such as frogfishes and seahorses. These animals are not only amazing examples of how crazy evolution can get, but are often important for dive tourism and the aquarium trade. The majority of tropical marine biology research focuses on charismatic or large species such as sharks, turtles and dolphins. Many of the less known, small or camouflaged species are equally important, but are barely studied at all. My work will hopefully change some of that and show the world that weird is beautiful too!3 Articles

Chad quit a career in electromechanical engineering to pursue life as a dive instructor several years ago. He has been managing remote marine expedition projects for NGO’s as well as working at exclusive resorts across the world. He is particularly passionate about megafauna.It is now his quest to travel and dive the world while sharing his stories and creating a little awareness through the mediums of cartoons, illustration, writing and amateur film making. Contributing something back to the ocean and hopefully making a few people laugh along the way. Please visit his website for more information2 Articles

Dragos is a Romanian internationally awarded photographer, diving instructor and graphic designer. He has lovingly built in his photography all his life experiences of travelling and diving, his design / graphics / branding and advertising experience, as well as his passion for teaching scuba diving and opening the underwater world to good souls2 Articles

For as long as I can remember, I have loved the outdoors and adventure sports. Originating from Yorkshire, England I spent a lot of my time walking in the Yorkshire Dales and Pennines growing up. Basically going in the opposite direction to scuba diving! I was persuaded to take a PADI diving course in 2001 when visiting a friend in Cyprus. I didn’t fall in love straight away and can only remember dirty, hairy swimming pools and sandy sea bottoms from my first experiences. After completing my Advanced Open Water course on the Great Barrier Reef six months later (again persuaded, but by a different friend), I could see what the fuss was all about. Following this I have dived in some amazingly beautiful places around the world and, now as an Instructor, I have been very fortunate to live and work in some stunning and unique places. With my fiancé, we have had the opportunities to volunteer for 3 months in Mexico with GVI looking at coral health, spend 2 years in Indonesia managing a newly built 5* dive resort, and dive the gap between the tectonic plates in Iceland, amongst other brilliant experiences. I love to share my passion for the underwater world and to share this with both seasoned divers and people making their first bubbles. My favourite things to admire underwater are nudibranchs – I just love the various colours, patterns and the huge diversity of shapes that they come in.2 Articles

Arctic Direct are a small but well established and successful company who trade under full ATOL licensing. We offer specially tailored holidays to the Arctic. All our staff have visited most of the places that we sell holidays to and are extremely knowledgeable about the local areas. Any of the packages that we offer can be tailored to suit your requirements. We can cater for any number of guests travelling and strive to provide an unforgettable holiday experience.1 Articles

Luke Gordon is a conservation photographer and marine biologist from Kent, UK. He is currently based in Victoria, BC, Canada, over the years Luke has built up a passion for marine conservation & photography working around the world in countries such as Madagascar, Fiji, The Philippines, The Maldives, Indonesia & Ecuador, working with conservationists such as Dr.Andrea Marshall, WCS & WWF. Starting in 2008 Luke has worked consistently in the marine conservation sector for the last seven years, working for & with various NGO’s across the globe he has been heavily involved in empowering local communities to successfully manage their marine resources. In 2008 Luke worked with NGO’s in North Madagascar helping to establish MPA’s and assess the biodiversity on reefs in Diego Suarez Bay. 2009 & 2010 saw him work in Fiji for the first time conducting marine resource inventories around the western coast of Gau, during this time his love for photography started to grow, capturing the unique marine life around the island, including a resident population of M.alfredi (Reef Manta Ray).1 Articles