Author Lou Ruddell

Lou is the Founder/Director of Fin Fighters, Director of Sharkfest, the UKs first shark festival, Founder/Director of #Surfers4sharks and the Winner of the 2016 IUCN WCPA Marine Challenge. She is a conservation film maker with Rhizome productions, an ambassador for the Panorama and Blue Solutions networks, a United Nations SDSN Youth Solutions provider and a member of the CoalitionWild US Department of Interior Mentorship program. In 2014 through her work with Fin Fighters; Lou established the first official legislature in a UK city for the protection of sharks and 2015/2016 She lead scientific expeditions to North Africa as head of the Morocco Shark Alliance. As a surfer Lou has been riding breaks in the UK, on the North Shore in Oahu, Morocco and Costa Rica, and is currently developing a new surf-conservation film project.

I am a surfer……and I love sharks. For many these two passions would seem controversial and at odds, but as a shark conservationist and a surfer; for me these two things are inseparable. My love for the ocean and understanding of the species that live there is what gives surfing a greater meaning and enriches the experience of being in the water, and it seems despite the fear and often volatile reactions towards sharks within the global surf community; a tide is turning and many other surfers are starting to feel this connection too. Its no secret that as…