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Cycling and Beach Cleaning on The Isle of Wight

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Living by the seaside in glorious Southsea, Portsmouth is a real treat in terms of access to local environments. We are lucky enough to have the beautiful setting of the Isle of Wight on our doorstep which provides a perfect little holiday spot for everyone including locals to the island.

Isle of Wight

I have been working with the incredible team at Wight Link Ferries to make crossings to and from the island to promote all of the fantastic things the island has going for it. This week we headed over to beach clean Yarmouth and see what the sea had dragged up. The stunning coastline stretches for miles around the unique little island with bays and beaches varying as you travel around it.

The super easy crossing makes travelling to and from the island simple and enjoyable with beautiful boats travelling regularly. We donned our bicycles and set off to tour the island and its beaches and found some lovely spots.

Isle of Wight

The coastline was surprising clean with locals committed to keeping it clean for visitors and for the health of the sea that surrounds it and the nature that fringes it. Ample bins lined the beaches encouraging tourists to clean up after themselves and to maintain and protect the spaces for everyone to enjoy.

We talked to locals who said that there is a real motivation in people who live on the island to keep it looking and feeling as clean and tidy as possible with folk boasting about efforts to sustain it and manage debris that inevitably gets dragged in from coastal winds and from its coastal tourist attractions including Black Gang Chine, Alum Bay and the Needles as well as various other popular, busy spots.

Isle of Wight

The dramatic cliffs and hills span for miles with the most lush green views as you cycle the clear roads. It really is a beautiful place to be and one worth protecting.


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