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Special Visits with Special Tours in Incredible Iceland

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Whilst the last 2 years may have dampened our spirits a little, the passion to travel and explore never disappeared, in fact the motivation and drive to get away only grew and what better place to exit the UK too than magical Iceland.


A country I return to over and over again because of its total beauty called me back and put me in touch with some old friends. Special Tours was and will always be a must because they never fail in showing me something new and amazing. My day out with them was all I had hoped for and more. Humpback and Minke whales and pods of dolphins surrounding our boat isn’t really anything I can explain in it fullest wonder. The sail out alone is stunning with views over the city and the fresh sea air chillin your face whilst you sip hot chocolate and wait, desperate to spot something. The guys on the boat are honest about the luck you need to see something. There is not an order a whale app on their phone. The sea life comes and goes as it wishes and just that is awesome.


We sat with a humpback for half an hour whilst he surfaced and peered at us, dived and came back for another look. The anxiety of if he would pop back up and the joy of dolphins jumping around the boat at the same time was almost too much. Its more than exciting, it is unbelievable.

Trips like this give you a real appreciation for sea life and for the decline in stocks of species and how rare and lucky it is to see anything at all. The excitement comes with waves of worry that you might never see one again unless things change. The boat crew and they genuine love for the gentle giants streams through their talks and explanations of habitat and behavior. You feel the concern in their voices when they talk about numbers left and how many they used to see not so many years ago.


Seeing whales and dolphins in Iceand just feels that must more crazy than in other places because it is such an interesting country, full of folklore and fantasy. The sea beings fit right in and have you perched on the end of your seat wondering where they go and what they get up too. I would always recommend a trip out with these guys. An easy booking system ane meeting point with fantastic communication. It really is a rated day out and one that anyone can enjoy.


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Chantelle is a Portsmouth based Author, Scuba Dive Instructor and Managing Editor of The Scuba News UK. Her passion lies in the adventure and exploration of dive sites and travel locations around the globe.

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Looks like you are a diver from the USA - Head on over to The Scuba News for news, reviews and offers for Australia divers

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