Nemo: Shy/Stormy split personality!

 One of the most famous fish in the sea and also characters in Children’s Hollywood!
If you have met this little guy before I am sure you will find yourself in one of these 2 categories: “So shy, hiding in the Anemone. I could barely take a couple of photos of him.” OR “Sharks are friendly. Nemo is terrifying!! I got bitten!”
 The clownfish are farmers but they are kind of farmer that jump at the first sign of something threatening their little farm (in this case the Anemone) to protect it. How many of you were attacked by this fellow and how many of you lived to tell the story?!? Oh… sorry, I got a bit carried away. All of you lived! They are not dangerous, just brave. He must be the most photographed fish in the ocean and so you want to make sure your photos will stand out from the crowd.
Facts: Clownfish:
  • Are brave
  • Know who is the leader of a group of divers
  • Can purge your regulator
  • Clean the anemone
  • Bite
  • Change sex/gender



Photo tips:
  • Be aware of the surrounding environment. You must be neutrally buoyant before attempting a clownfish shot, as there are usually lots of other marine life nearby.
  • Use a fast shutter speed (at least 1/125 sec.) and a large depth of field (DSLR: f16-f22, Compact F8)
  • Look around for eggs (orange, dark red or black colour)
  • Instead of the perfect portrait try a different approach: the clownfish hiding for example.
  • Everybody is searching for a very colourful Anemone to make a good background. Be different, use a dull Anemone to bring out the amazing colour of the clownfish.
  • Background is very important. Rich background also comes together very well. It could be the dramatic surface of the water (close focus wide angle) or something else. Be creative!





Problem: They move around fast
Solution: Patience. One step back will make him relax and allow you to actually watch his movement pattern. Yes, most of the time they swim on a certain route. Choose your station point and wait for him to swim in place and BAM – BAM! “
Good luck and send in any interesting shots you have of these guys, we would love to share them!




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Dragos is a Romanian internationally awarded photographer, diving instructor and graphic designer. He has lovingly built in his photography all his life experiences of travelling and diving, his design / graphics / branding and advertising experience, as well as his passion for teaching scuba diving and opening the underwater world to good souls

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