#Divers4SharksNRays – Dive into the deep and signal STOP to unregulated international trade


Sharks in peril remains a global concern as millions of sharks are killed for finning with one out of 4 sharks at risk of extinction with overfishing. Project Aware calls on the scuba diving community to rally support for protection.

Without our sharks and rays, our oceans would be empty and unbalanced and not as the oceans we know.

Recent infographic statistics from Project Aware show Manta and Devil Rays are at highest risk of overfishing and whale sharks and winghead sharks at the brink of extinction. An alarming 73 million shark fins being used for shark fin soup in Chinese markets. One Green Planet reports of sharks being killed “for their teeth, jaws, liver oil and cartilage”. Sea Shepherd reports of their use “for shark leather for shoes and belts”.

As a Miss Scuba United Kingdom Finalist, I have been given a great opportunity to learn more about the movement of Project Aware – Protecting Our Ocean Planet – One Dive at a Time. Scuba diving has given me a chance to witness the untold and destructive side of human nature in shark cruelty and see first – hand the ugly consequences of marine debris both on the sea bed and on the beach. Even as a non-scuba diver, every one of us can play a part in being aware and raising awareness of the living nightmare our sharks and rays face at the hands of some humans every day. Collectively, we have the power to end this terrible atrocity …..

Join the rally in supporting the adoption of CITES proposals to protect sharks and rays at the World Wildlife Conference between September 24th to October 5th 2016 in Johannesburg, South Africa by signalling OK and saying YES.  http://www.divers4sharksnrays.projectaware.org/

Protect our vulnerable creatures of the deep and keep our oceans alive and complete for the sake of our present and future generations.




About Author

My name is Mhairi Docherty and I was selected as a Miss Scuba United Kingdom 2016 finalist. I am part of an amazing programme which promotes "saving our oceans through beauty" where we raise awareness for marine conservation and also raise the profile of woman scuba divers in promoting safe diving practices internationally. Miss Scuba United Kingdom is a sponsor of Deptherapy - an English based charity involved in the rehabilitation of injured soldiers with mental and physical injuries, through the medium of scuba diving. I am raising awareness of this charity as I feel it does not get enough recognition for the amazing work that this charity does for people with life changing injuries. Watch on YouTube at: http://youtu.be/xjVwDA4euck

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