blue o two present their brand NEW Red Sea itinerary


Award-winning diving tour operator, blue o two, are delighted to announce their brand NEW Egypt itinerary, ‘Rocky, Zabargad and St. Johns’.

Guests that book on to this safari on board one of the newly updated Red Sea fleet will have the chance to dive at some of the world-famous marine parks of Rocky and Zabargad, as well as focusing on the stunning reefs of St. Johns and Fury Shoal, with the advantage of being away from the crowds.

Itinerary highlight Zabargad Island is an incredible dive spot that divers following the Rocky, Zabargad and St. Johns route will visit. The island of Zabargad is characterised by an enormous mountain that reaches out of the water, surrounded by a spectacular lagoon and circling reef. There are a couple of wrecks to dive as well as a great variety of corals and reef fish.

Divers on this brand new itinerary will also have the chance to explore Rocky Island. Hosting a fringed reef that circles the entire perimeter of the island, dropping to astonishing depths, the stronger currents ensure that the blue is full of life!

St. Johns is also on the diving highlights and enables divers to experience drop-offs, tunnels and explore the stunning hard-coral formations.  If guests have the opportunity to explore St. Johns Caves or Umm Kharalim, they will discover a truly unique photographer’s heaven, with rays of light filtering through into the stunning tunnels. The marine life and colours of the soft corals at St. Johns are some of the best in the Red Sea. Here divers may be lucky enough to swim with dolphins and pelagics.

The ‘Rocky, Zabargad and St. Johns’ itinerary will also take guests to Elphinstone Reef, a Red Sea legend. This finger shaped reef has north and south plateaus covered in hard and soft corals, yet is unpredictable and a truly awesome location where hammerhead sharks are regularly spotted in the summer and oceanic whitetip sharks often congregate in large numbers during the autumn.

This new itinerary offers the perfect opportunity for divers to explore some of the most renowned dive sites in the Red Sea.

The blue o two Red Sea fleet carries out a range of exciting itineraries from the north to the deep south of the Egyptian Red Sea. Every itinerary covers a variety of diving highlights that makes each trip unique.

For more information about blue o two, their ‘Rocky, Zabargad and St. Johns’ itinerary and other worldwide scuba diving holidays, please visit their website – Alternatively, speak to their expert travel team by calling +44 (0)1752 480808.




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